You need to be licensed in order to learn to drive. For most people this means obtaining a Northern Ireland provisional licence. You will find application forms at main Post Offices, or driving test centres.

If you hold a licence issued in another country then check its validity for learning in this country:

For full details on licences check the DVLA website.

We provide tuition and practice in the complex skills of driving, not just to pass the Test, but as a preparation for a lifetime of safe driving. They are aware that you may be nervous and unsure to begin with but by patience and understanding will build up your confidence.

Though many learners can only allocate an hour per week for practical instruction, the ideal situation would be a couple of hours weekly. Our instructors would recommend an initial two hour session to get you started.

Alongside the acquisition of practical skills there is the need to have an understanding of other aspects of the car and road, such as will be examined in the Theory Test. You can get help for this from your instructor and books, CD-ROMs, videos etc. found at good bookshops or here. Ask your instructor for recommendations.

As to how long learning takes and how many lessons you need, this is very individual. However there is no doubt that professional instruction and time for plenty of practice means not only a better chance of your passing first time but also being more able to cope afterwards for the rest of your motoring life!

HOW WE MAKE A DIFERRENCE We Give Best Guidence To Each Student, That's Why We Produce Confident & Safe Drivers

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